Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22nd, raised beds

We've had 6 zucchini from the garden so far: 4 grilled, one given away, and one made into zucchini bread. There will be more zucchini, probably, oh, tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday. There is one little Green Zebra tomato in progress - I'm keeping a close eye on it because I had so much trouble with the tomatoes last year. I'm trying to water only the base of the plants and only when they look like they need it and so far the blossoms are hanging on...we'll see if all the plants set fruit. The bell peppers are now next to the tomatoes because, when they were between the corn and the potatoes, they got about 2 hours of sun a day. Hopefully this is the last time I'll have to move them! I need to cut the parsley and mint back and use some of it. I made pesto with the basil this week and used most of 4 plants in the process. The basil seedlings (in pots) are doing okay despite being dug up by something one night this week, but the cilantro and parsley aren't sprouting at all. The chard and arugula are coming back and I'll try to use the leaves when they're smaller this time.

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