Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22nd, Biointensive bed

It's been hot all week, the Internet says up to 97 but I'm pretty sure it was over 100 for a couple of days. So, this bed has pretty much doubled in size. The potatoes are starting to fall over and I'm going to try to stake them up tonight. The corn is...huge. The squash is about to flower and the canteloupe keeps wandering into the onions and carrots. The beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes are all doing beautifully as long as they're restrained.

When I first planned this garden, back in January or so, I thought it was far too big and I kept telling myself that if I only got half of it done then that would be plenty. Well...I did it! Our bedroom window looks out on the backyard and that's the first thing I look at when I get up in the morning, making sure everything's alright and just enjoying the transformation from bare dirt with occasional weeds to food, food, and more food. Almost there...

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